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Susan G Young

Susan G. Young was born in Baton Rouge, LA to a large family full of over-educated engineers, doctors and world leaders. Being the youngest in the family, and having no other means by which to cause her parents anxiety, Susan left her stable job to pursue a career in the Arts.

After completing a degree in Music Theory, Susan ran a Jewish preschool in New Orleans. After ten years in New Orleans, Susan acquired her MFA in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Susan currently works from her studio in Brooklyn as a freelance illustrator and serves as Chairperson of the Associate Degree Department at Pratt Institute. Her artwork reflects the various characters she has met along the way.





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Dr. Jonathan P. Young, M.D. was also born in Baton Rouge, LA to a large family full of over-educated engineers, doctors, and world leaders. Not being the youngest however, Jonathan was compelled to join them in their over-education.

Jonathan was afflicted at an early age with the need to draw constantly. While struggling with this affliction, Jonathan pulled himself away from his drawings to finish a BA in Zoology. Attempting to merge his studies with his passion, Jonathan completed an MA in Medical Illustration from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

After intensive medical education acquiring his master's, Jonathan said, "Enh, why not just go to medical school"? So he did. Jonathan now practices as an Internal Medicine Attending at the VA Hospital in Oklahoma City. He would also like to note that he takes full credit for teaching his little sister how to draw at an early age and that he had absolutely no part in writing this bio. Jonathan's more serious bio, and possibly website, is coming soon - or as soon as his little sister gets around to it.

Jonathan P. Young, MD  


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